College of Business Administration

College of Business Administration

The College of Business Administration (CBA) aims to provide quality education and rigorous scientific research in business in engaging academic environment and collaborative social partnership. CBA is home to more than 2,121 students across five programs that include: Administration, Accounting, Management information systems, Marketing and Law. Our faculty consists of more than 72 members across different academic ranks and disciplines; and 29 scholars pursuing their graduate studies  overseas. CBA entertains a collegial environment that allow our diverse faculty to work collaboratively in designing and promoting our programs and curricular. CBA is also a house of five consultancy offices that provide its services to public and private institutions. To achieve universal recognition, CBA currently entertains academic partnerships with eminent accreditation bodies such as NCAAA and AACSB. We aspire to assume a leading position among other business schools at the local and regional levels.

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Bachelor of Business Administration Courses

Bachelor of Business Administration Courses

Level 1 Courses

Code Course Specification
ACAD10101 Academic Skills Download
BUS10101 Entrepreneurship I Download
ISLM1003 Quran Recitation Download
ISLM1001 Islamic Culture I Download
MIS10101 IT Skills Download
MKT10101 Communication Skills Download
ENGL1015 English Language Download

Level 2 Courses

Code Course Specification
BUS10201 Principles of Management Download
ESP10201 Specialized English Language Download
MIS10201 Management Information Systems Download
STT10201 Principles of Statistics Download
BUS10202 Business Communication Skills Download

Level 3 Courses

Code Course Specification
BUS10301 English Language for Business Download
ACC10301 Principles of Accounting I Download
ECON10301 Microeconomics Download
LAW10301 Principles of Law Download
MTH10301 Mathematics Download
MKT10301 Principles of Marketing Download

Level 4 Courses

Code Course Specification
ACC10402 Principles of Accounting II Download
BUS10401 Principles of Healthcare Management Download
ECON10402 Macroeconomics Download
ECON10401 Islamic Economics Download
FIN10401 Financial Management Download
LAW10402 Commercial Law Download

Level 5 Courses

Code Course Specification
BUS10507 Business Ethics & CSR Download
BUS10506 Supply Chain Management Download
BUS10505 Management of Small and Medium Enterprises Download
BUS10504 Human Resources Management Download
BUS10503 Organizational Behavior Download
BUS10502 Entrepreneurship II Download

Level 6 Courses

Code Course Specification
BUS10605 Risk Management & Insurance Download
BUS10604 Electronic Commerce Download
BUS10603 Crises Management Download
BUS10602 International Business Management Download
BUS10601 Production and Operations Management Download
QUAN10601 Quantitative Analysis Download

Level 7 Courses

Code Course Specification
ARAB10001 Essay and Research Writing Skills Download
BUS10702 Total Quality Management Download
BUS10701 Negotiation Management Download
ISLM10002 Islamic Culture II Download
QUAN10702 Operation Research Download
BUS10703 Corporate Governance Download
BUS10704 Management of Service Operations Download

Level 8 Courses

Code Course Specification
BUS10804 Feasibility Studies & Projects Evaluation Download
BUS10803 Projects Management Download
BUS10802 Change Management & Organizational Development Download
BUS10801 Strategic Management Download

Level 9 Courses

Code Course Specification
BUS10805 Internship in Management Download