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On the virtue of resolution No. (649) dated (16/6/1439AH) The Vice-Presidency of Female Students Affairs was established. Dr. Rahma Bint Muhammad Al-Ghamdi was entrusted with its administration to supervise all various affairs that related to female students weather the scientific or woman's fields .Through experiences and highly able female leaders who effectively could contribute to service the country and community .

A Message from the Vice President for Female Affairs

A Message from the Vice President for Female Affairs

The decision to establish University Vice-Presidency for female Students Affairs comes as a serious step to approach to aspirations and the needs of female students in The Saudi universities. Hence, the Vice-Presidency of Female Students Affairs aims to set a direct supervision and continuous follow-up the administrative and technical work progress of all female students' sectors in the university on one hand , and the women's empowerment in administration on the other hand . these also including colleges, deanships, departments, units and centers in female students section . as well as to raise the level of her performance. The Vice Presidency for Female Students Affairs also works to support and provide an environment which stimulates learning and taking advantage of opportunities. The Students have to invest all the university's opportunities , training and research capabilities and to take advantage of their time to benefit themselves and the country. The Vice-Presidency for female Students Affairs is looking through its official website to communicate with all the university’s students and employees so as to interact by submitting their proposals that may help to develop the educational process and the teaching environment at Al-Baha University . Asking Allah for success. Vice-President Of Female Student Affairs Dr. Rahma Bint Muhammed Al-Ghamd

Vision, Mission, and Objectives - Vice


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.Creating a distinguished academic & administrative environment that elevate and support female students to make the optimal investment of resources in a way that contributes to build a knowledge society


The Vice-Presidency for Student Affairs has renewed its strategic goals to keep pace with the university's strategic goals defined in the university's plan (promising, 2020-2025)

The strategic goals includes the following :

· Developing the efficiency of the academic process for female students.

· Developing faculty members and staffs' performance to achieve performance excellence.

· Providing appropriate academic environment through developing the technical environment and infrastructure of female students' campus

· Providing various community services with the local community's institutions to support women's empowerment.

· Achieving the Administrative women's empowerment at female students' section.

· Supporting university directives for self-resources development of female students section



The Vice Presidency for Student Affairs adopts certain values upon which the university is based:

· Honesty

· Responsibility

· Transparency

· Quality

· Achievement Evaluation

· Teamwork


Organizational Hierarchy

Organizational Hierarchy






Administratively, The Vice president of Female Students Affairs is affiliated with the University President , As well as to the following bodies :

· Colleges Vice Deans / Female Section.

· Vice Deans of the Supportive Deanships / Female Section

· Assistant directors (centers, departments and units) in the university.

In addition , The Vice presidency for Female Student Affairs is related to the following :

· Office of the Vice President for Female Students Affairs

· Female Follow-up Administration .

· Female Administration supervising the academic complex for female students in Buhr.

· Female Administration supervising the academic complex for female students in Shahba .

· Female Administration for Safety and Emergency

· Female Administration for University's Security

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