Develop the skills of faculty members

Develop the skills of faculty members

The academic work is based on teaching, scientific research and community service. In this regard, integrated university education is concerned with building students 'personalities and establishing positive values for them, which necessitates the development of the educational system in all its components, especially the development of faculty members' skills in all aspects, enabling them to achieve this. Building and consolidating these values and strengthening the fabric of nationalism and raising it to the highest ranks, as well as upgrading the outputs of university education to achieve its mandate of the comprehensive vision of the Kingdom 2030. The Administration of Academic staff Skills Development is one of the most important pillars of academic development at the university. It is a department affiliated to the University Agency for Development and Quality. It was established at the end of 1439 AH. Measurement, evaluation, strategic planning and scientific research, and all that would improve the university's outputs and its academic and community roles

Administration - vision message objectives


Leadership in the development of the skills of faculty members and whom of their rule in line with the Kingdom's Vision 2030.


Continuous development of the educational process at the University through the development of the skills of faculty members and similar lecturers, with the aim of improving the outcomes of education and the subsequent excellence and upgrading in the field of scientific research and community service.


The main objective of the Administration:

Developing the skills of faculty members at Al-Baha University to perform their teaching, research and social tasks with high quality.


There are several sub-objectives:


• Providing the necessary training for faculty members at the university.

• Rehabilitating and support new faculty and similar staff to perform their duties.

• Implementing the policies and aspirations of the university concerning the upgrading of the faculty.

• Enhancing the efforts of the Quality Center to implement its policies and aspirations in all matters related to faculty members.


  • Quality
  • Teamwork
  • Continuous development
  • Inventiveness
  • Commitment

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Director Message

Director Message


Praise be to God, prayer and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah


Academic development is the best way to reach the goals and objectives set by the university in accordance with its vision and mission; it aims to improve the outcomes of education and the subsequent excellence in the areas of scientific research and community service, which is the basis of the work assigned to faculty members.


The university administration is represented by His Excellency Dr.Abdullah bin Yahya Al-Hussein gave the most attention to the development aspects. From this point of view, the generous approval came to establish this department, which is directly affiliated with the University Agency for Development and Quality. The department started to define the most important training needs that they see the importance of implementation, and consequently. The Department has initiated the works of the training plan and coordination to establish training programs in many areas that serve the faculty members (men - women) both in the field of education, scientific research or community service, in addition to many public programs such as academic leadership, academic guidance, e-learning and other enrichment and development programs for the faculty member. The department will continue to provide many training programs proposed by the faculty members themselves to meet their actual needs and meet their desires. The department has achieved the goals it has set according to its vision and mission.


The God of the intent behind


Supervisor of the Administration of Academic staff skills development

Dr. Abdul Khaliq bin Hajjad Omar al - Ghamdi

Organizational Hierarchy

Organizational Hierarchy


Departments (Units)

Departments (Units)

Department (Unit) of training program



A unit concerned with the coordination and preparation of training programs according to the needs and capabilities



  • * Studying the training needs
  • * Coordinating and preparation for the establishment of training programs
  • * Preparation of new faculty members and the like

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