College of Business Administration

College of Business Administration

The College of Business Administration (CBA) aims to provide quality education and rigorous scientific research in business in engaging academic environment and collaborative social partnership. CBA is home to more than 2,121 students across five programs that include: Administration, Accounting, Management information systems, Marketing and Law. Our faculty consists of more than 72 members across different academic ranks and disciplines; and 29 scholars pursuing their graduate studies  overseas. CBA entertains a collegial environment that allow our diverse faculty to work collaboratively in designing and promoting our programs and curricular. CBA is also a house of five consultancy offices that provide its services to public and private institutions. To achieve universal recognition, CBA currently entertains academic partnerships with eminent accreditation bodies such as NCAAA and AACSB. We aspire to assume a leading position among other business schools at the local and regional levels.

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Bachelor of Law

Bachelor of Law


To develop the law field in Al-Baha region, through providing updated and distinctive education, based on the theoretical and practical method of laws and various types of cases. And to enhance the legal awareness in the society and the preservation of its members rights.


  • Studying the Saudi laws and regulations, and to teach the legislative and judicial aspects to enhance the knowledge and skills of the student to achieve a distinct level of qualification.
  • Preparing qualified lawyers with practical and academic skills, to be ready to work in the fields of law such as law firms, public prosecution, and various other legal activities whether in the public or the private sectors.
  • To meet the needs of the market.


  • The student uses his understanding of the Saudi laws.
  • Understanding that the main rules of Saudi laws are derived from the Islamic law.
  • Knowing all type of legal rules (such as civil, commercial, administrative, criminal, procedural, etc.).
  • Arguing about the terms and legal rules.

Potential Jobs

Lawyers, Judges, legal advisors, prosecutors, legal consultations in public bodies and private sector.

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