Faculty of Education

Faculty of Education

The faculty of education at Albaha university has been incorporated to the university since its establishment. It used to be named as teachers’ college of education that were directly administered by the Ministry of Education since 1409. According to the decree number 3514/ MB dated on 3/5/1427 and the agreement of Saudi government number 10/5/1429 in 29/4/1429 the faculty of teachers’ Education directly become administered By Albaha University and named the faculty of education.

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Master of Information and Communication Technology in Education


Master of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in education program is designed on the need of the education sector in the Arab world to keep pace with the global trend in modern methods of providing information to the student not only through ICTs but also through the use of modern strategies in teaching and learning, teaching design, assessment and tests.


Providing high education opportunities in the field of educational technology to develop qualified national competencies that meet the needs of the labor market provide community services and applied research using the latest educational technology applications  in a way that promotes society and contributes to building the knowledge economy


  • Identifying the appropriate situations to develop the use of information technology in the two processes of learning and teaching.

  • Enhancing the understanding of information technology in the learning and teaching system.

  • Encouraging the use of information technology in the educational process and its evaluation.

  • Designing methods and tools through which new learning environments can be developed.


Knowledge :

The student should


Define the terminology in the field of information and communication technology.


Define the concept of instructional design


Utilize e-learning applications and strategies in education.

Cognitive Skills

The student should


Design educational programs.


Produce multimedia programs.


Produce some web 2.0 applications such as wikis and blogs.


The student should


Has the ability to produce and design programs using ready-made programs


Acquire the skills in the field of e-learning applications.

  • University professor.

  • Employed in the field of public education

  • Employed in the field of special education.

  • Employed in technology companies.

Potential Jobs


Study Plan