Faculty of Education

Faculty of Education

The faculty of education at Albaha university has been incorporated to the university since its establishment. It used to be named as teachers’ college of education that were directly administered by the Ministry of Education since 1409. According to the decree number 3514/ MB dated on 3/5/1427 and the agreement of Saudi government number 10/5/1429 in 29/4/1429 the faculty of teachers’ Education directly become administered By Albaha University and named the faculty of education.


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Vice-Deanship for Academic Affairs


The role of Academic affairs at the faculty of education is to follow up the learning process and the progression of learning in all departments according to the set rules and regulations. This is through the supervision of the implementations of learning programs and the development of plans as well as the selection of the best cadres in higher education learning.


The second goal of the academic affairs is the continuous development of learning environment and strength the performance of the departments that under its administration. This is to create the learning environment that encourage the excellence and creativity to achieve the message and the vision of the faculty. It is also coordinate all activities that designed for students with the deanship of students’ affairs. It is also prepare reports and statistics that in relation to the students’ learning levels and follow up the graduate students by adhering to the standards of quality and accreditation especially the third criterion that stress the standards of teaching and learning.


  • Supervision of the rules and regulations that associated with the implementations of studies and examinations of the university.

  • The supervision of the departments under its administration.

  • Supervising the preparation of schedules for students in different departments and coordinating with other faculties through cooperation with the deanship of admission of registration as well the schedules committee. 

  • Supervision of distribution and allocation of students at different departments.

  • Supervising the final exams through specifying committees from different departments in cooperation with the deanship of admission of registration.

  • Following up on the implementation of admission and transfer rules.

  • Supervision of the permeant committees.  

  • Chairing the administered committees and reporting to the concerned authorities.

  • Supervising the equivalence of courses.  

  • Supervision of postponement, apologies, additions, deletions of courses.   

  • Peppering the graduation and deprivation lists. 

  • Guidance and council of students to resolve different academic issues.

  • Periodic reports to the dean of the faculty about the progress of work within the academic affairs.

  • Supervision of the financial and covenant that administered by the academic affairs agency. 

  • Following up the update of academic affairs website.

  • Implementation of the duties required by the dean of the faculuty of education.

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