Faculty of Education

Faculty of Education

The faculty of education at Albaha university has been incorporated to the university since its establishment. It used to be named as teachers’ college of education that were directly administered by the Ministry of Education since 1409. According to the decree number 3514/ MB dated on 3/5/1427 and the agreement of Saudi government number 10/5/1429 in 29/4/1429 the faculty of teachers’ Education directly become administered By Albaha University and named the faculty of education.

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Master of education in Curriculum and Instruction


The Master of education in Curriculum and Instruction is one of the most important programs in the Arab region. It is concerned with raising the level of education as this program link the nature of the current needs and the requirements of the future. It considers the curriculum and teaching methods and the necessary knowledge and skills for schools in the field of education


Excellence and leadership in providing a Master of Education program with high academic quality and effective capabilities in the curriculum and teaching methods.


Provide an academic, educational, scientific and research program with high efficiency according to the highest local and international standards to prepare specialists in curricula and teaching methods who are qualified to build contribute to their society and achieve its future vision.


The Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction program aims to prepare specialized cadres who are capable to support students in this field. It specifically seeks to enable the participants to acquire the educational expertise of knowledge and competencies, as well as to develop their abilities to understand theories of teaching and learning. It also discusses the curriculum, in terms of its foundations, means of planning, and methods of evaluation and development, and qualify cadres of educational workers and researchers to contribute to solving the problems of curricula and teaching methods, and develop their skills in the field of design and preparation of educational research, and employ technological innovations in the field of teaching and learning.


Knowledge :


Explains the principles, foundations and theories associated with learning strategies and approaches


Discusses the cognitive aspects and problems related to the foundations, methods and skills of scientific research in the field of curricula and teaching methods.


Learn the concepts and theories related to the application of technology in the field of curricula and teaching methods

Learn the concepts and theories related to the application of technology in the field of curricula and teaching methods.



Use theories of teaching and learning, and teaching strategies in a variety of educational situations.


Designs Effective Professional Development Program for teachers


Uses the means and technology software in micro-teaching

Apply the skills of scientific research and problem in curricula and teaching methods.



Accept opinions of his colleagues when discussing various research problems


Communicates with specialists in the field of curriculum and teaching methods.

Employs educational technology in the field of curriculum and teaching methods.

Writes a research project that accurately describes the problem, its theoretical framework, field procedures, tools for its study and application, findings, recommendations and suggestions.

Potential Jobs

The program offers competitive jobs opportunities for its graduates. Graduates can work in the areas of: teaching at the Ministry of Education, work in educational supervision, and the, design and development of teaching and learning and continuing the post-doctoral studies.