Faculty of Education

Faculty of Education

The faculty of education at Albaha university has been incorporated to the university since its establishment. It used to be named as teachers’ college of education that were directly administered by the Ministry of Education since 1409. According to the decree number 3514/ MB dated on 3/5/1427 and the agreement of Saudi government number 10/5/1429 in 29/4/1429 the faculty of teachers’ Education directly become administered By Albaha University and named the faculty of education.

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Bachelor of Art Education

Bachelor of Art Education


The Department of Art Education is one of the departments of the College of Education - Al-Baha University. It is the responsible department of preparing a distinctive and innovative teacher, keeping pace with local and global variables. It has the competencies required by international quality systems to enable it to compete in the labor market at the international and local level. Not just that, but that the specialisations taught by the student within the art education’s program allow him to work in multiple fields besides the field of teaching, in addition to the possibility of benefiting from his study of these specialisations to work in his special projects or small projects.


  • To qualifying a capable graduate student to participate and compete in local and regional artistic activities
  • To Promoting knowledge and cultural exchange through community partnerships with individuals and entities.
  • To Stimulating scientific research for faculty members and students.
  • To sharing the visual culture and to achieving the aesthetic dimension inside the society


Program learning Outcomes

Knowledge :


Defines the basic concepts associated with the field of art education


Know the roles and functions of art education.


Distinguish between the fields of art education and the requirements for its implementation.



Apply basic visual arts skills.


He designs various works in the fields of art education.


The student innovates through creativity skills and critical thinking in the field of Art Education


Deduces various topics and issues in the field of art education and research skills.



Take initiative in practicing communication and interaction skills, and forming positive relationships with others.


Leading the work team in public relations, working within a team, and taking the initiative in identifying issues that require attention and addressing them in an appropriate manner.


Uses modern means and programs in the production and design of artistic works.


Preparing presentations for various goals and communicating with others.


It outlines the initial steps for designing and producing visual materials.


It gives the student the motivation to deal with situations that require movement.


Potential Jobs

  • Teacher of Art Education.
  • . Specialist in Art Activities.