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Albaha University Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences

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Publishing Terms and Conditions

Publishing Terms and Conditions

1.    The scientific material presented for publication is not inconsistent with the Islamic faith.

2.    The author submits to the journal a written declaration stating that his research is an original work for him that was not previously published and will not be submitted for publishing in any other scientific body before the completion of the arbitration procedures.

3.    The journal publishes original research that discusses distinct research topics in the fields of basic and applied sciences.

4.    The scientific principles should be adopted by the author in preparing and writing the research.

5.    The author writes in a separate paper, in English, the title of the research, the name of the researcher, his scientific description, his work destination, address, phone number, fax and e-mail.

6.    After the manuscript passes the initial reviewing stage and is approved by the editorial board, the journal administration notifies the author of the decision to validate the manuscript for the possibility of publishing or not, and after passing the initial review stage within two weeks from the date of submitting the research to the journal.

7.    In the event that the article requires some formal or substantive modifications, the journal’s administration resend the manuscript to the researcher, accompanied by the comments of the journal’s editorial board.

8.    Manuscripts are subject to scientific arbitration in secret. To ensure complete confidentiality, the author's name must not be mentioned on any of the manuscript or any indication that reveals the identity of the author, and that is subject to what was mentioned in Article (44) of the Unified Regulations for Academic Research in KSA Universities.

9.    In case the research or article successfully passes the reviewing procedures, the journal administration sends the final acceptance letter to the corresponding author.

10. Manuscript that the reviewers propose to make amendments to or additions thereto shall be returned to author to make the required amendments or additions before publication, with the importance of the author's commitment to make the amendments stipulated in the reviewer reports with explanation of what has not been modified.

11. In the event that the manuscript or article is not accepted for publication by the editorial board, BUJBAS manager sends an apology for not publishing, noting the manuscript that is sent to the journal is not returned to its owners, whether published or not published.

12.  Manuscript that is not prepared according to publishing rules and conditions is not considered and not returned to its owners.

13.  The journal is obligated to inform the author(s) of receiving his manuscript and registering it upon its arrival, then informing the author(s) of the final decision within a maximum period of six months from the date of receiving the manuscript.

14.  The journal's article may not be republished in any other publication without the written permission of the journal's editor-in-chief.

15.  The articles published in the journal express only the opinions of their owners.