Deanship of Academic Development

Deanship of Academic Development

Establishment of the Deanship The Deanship of Academic Development at Al Baha University was founded in 1431 and approved by the Minister of Higher Education No. A / 7101 dated 8/6/1431 H, based on the decision of the Higher Education Council No. (15/75/1431H) in meeting No. 57 dated 17/1/1431H, as a Supporting Deanship of the Vice Rectorate of Academic Development and Community Service. The Deanship is considered an important pillar in developing university education and enhancing capabilities and skills of university staff to achieve quality practices and excellence in accordance with international best practices.

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Tasks of the Deanship of Academic Development’s Vice-Dean: (Male)



- Supervising the work progress of the units of the Deanship of Academic Development.

- Developing implementation plans to raise the level within the units of the Deanship, and supervising the implementation.

- Supporting the efforts of academic accreditation and quality assurance in the various university units and the relevant committees.

- Developing rules of procedure for the work of the vice-Deanship, general description of the duties of its employees, and mechanism of coordination between the units of the Deanship.

- Participating in the preparation and implementation of the development plans of the Deanship.

- Participating in the Quality Assurance Committee to control the quality practices within the faculties, units and centers of the University.

- Monitoring the educational, administrative, financial, and technical aspects in the vice Deanship, in order to control all the processes to achieve quality assurance.

- Defining the training needs of the Deanship's staff, implementing them, and communicating with the entities inside and outside the University regarding quality applications, and training and development programs.

- Recommending whom the vice Deanship needs their services from the faculty members or others, in the development, training and quality according to the University regulations.

- Submitting reports and achievements of the vice Deanship periodically to the Dean for approval.

- Implementing the works assigned by Dean.

- Reviewing the annual evaluation of the staff of the Deanship of Academic Development, commenting and presenting it to the Dean for approval.

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