Deanship of Quality and Academic Accreditation

Deanship of Quality and Academic Accreditation

Establishment of the Deanship The Deanship of Academic Development at Al Baha University was founded in 1431 and approved by the Minister of Higher Education No. A / 7101 dated 8/6/1431 H, based on the decision of the Higher Education Council No. (15/75/1431H) in meeting No. 57 dated 17/1/1431H, as a Supporting Deanship of the Vice Rectorate of Academic Development and Community Service. The Deanship is considered an important pillar in developing university education and enhancing capabilities and skills of university staff to achieve quality practices and excellence in accordance with international best practices.

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Academic Accreditation Unit


    The Academic Accreditation Unit is responsible for preparing and monitoring the implementation of the necessary plans to meet the academic and institutional accreditation standards and requirements at the administrative and academic level and to support, and monitor the tasks related to international and national academic accreditation


• Developing plans and policies for obtaining academic accreditation at the University.

• Verifying the eligibility of the University or programs to apply for academic accreditation.

• Coordinating the academic accreditation files between the University or program and the accreditation bodies.

• Forming teams that work to meet the requirements of academic accreditation standards.

• Identifying the evidences required to meet each of the accreditation criteria.

• Determining procedural evidences for all University bodies.

• Monitoring the activities and achievements of the committees formed by each standard.

• Coordinating with all the different units, faculties, deanships and departments of the University in order to meet the accreditation requirements.

• Receiving and collecting annual reports related to Academic accreditation.

• Documenting data received for the unit electronically and in paper-format.

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