Department of Social Responsibility

Department of Social Responsibility

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  • Community Partnership Unit.

  • Volunteer work unit


  • Coordinate with the various colleges, institutes, centers and departments within the university to spread the culture of social responsibility, and carry out various activities and events related within the university community and outside.

  •  Coordinate with the various bodies in the external university community in order to build cooperation and partnership relations and provide funding and sponsorship for initiatives, programs and events

  • Supervise the preparation and processing of various publications related to awareness and culture of social responsibility and community service

  • Proposing research and studies on the roles of the university in the areas of work of social responsibility and community service

  •  Achieving the quality of services provided by social responsibility feedback from the beneficiaries.

  • Building a specialized and comprehensive database on various social responsibility activities and activities

  • Oversee the design and development of a website on social responsibility and community service, available on the university website

  •  Coordination with the various media within and outside the university in order to publicize the various events and activities and consolidate the culture of social responsibility and community service in coordination with the Department of Public Relations and Information

  • Prepare and organize social responsibility workshops

  • Prepare various reports on plans, activities and achievements of social responsibility.

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