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Department of Social Responsibility

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Distinguished work in providing social service and volunteer work


Establishing social service practices and continuous volunteer work by providing educational, training, consultative and research services in cooperation with institutions various community.


Achieving leadership in social responsibility, achieved through the following objectives:

a. Provide programs and activities aimed at activating the community partnership between the university and the community.

b. Raising awareness of volunteer work among university employees and community segments.

c. Encourage community institutions to partner with the University to provide quality and sustainable programs and initiatives.

d. Identify the needs of the community through the work of studies and research conducted by the University.

e. Establishing an electronic platform for social responsibility administration  that contributes to raising awareness, developing and organizing community partnership and volunteering.

f. Creating official social media accounts such as (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).


  • Responsibility towards the community

  •  work as one team

  • Belonging and loyalty

  • Coexistence and tolerance with the other

  •  The initiative

  • ythe qualit

  • creativity