Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

As a response to the national development requirements and the integrative role of the higher education in labor market, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Albaha University was established by the royal decree no. 9682/MB dated 05-08-1426H to meet labor market needs in the public and private sectors. The Faculty includes distinguished theoretical scientific departments of Islamic Studies, Arabic Language, Foreign Languages and History. The Faculty is committed to its educational, research and community service responsibilities in accordance with the University vision and the Kingdom educational policies.

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The Vice-Deanship for Academic Affairs

Vice Deanship of Academic Affairs


The Vice-Deanship for Academic Affairs is one of the Vice-deanships concerned with all aspects of the academic and educational aspects of the College, depending on the college's vision, mission its strategic aims which are based on quality in education through developing the academic and practical programs and plans according to the criteria of comprehensive quality and academic excellence. The vice-deanship is an integrated system including academic units which offers  the necessary services for the students of the college to facilitate the educational process and provide the appropriate atmosphere for the accomplishment of the academic process in the optimal way.


• Supervising the implementation of the laws and executive rules of the regulations of studies and tests for the undergraduates.

• Supervising the units of academic affairs.

• Supervising the preparation of the study schedule for students and coordination with other colleges in cooperation with the Deanship of Admission and Registration and the Committee of study schedules.

• Following-up the updating of the schedule during the registration process to resolve problems related to it.

• Supervising the preparation of statistics related to students at various departments.

• Supervising and updating the study plans at the college.

• Supervising the practicum of the college students and the practicum committee.

• Proposing and re-adjusting the admission and transfer processes at the college.

• Providing departments with numbers of students.

• Supervising the applications for transfer to the College from inside and outside the University.

• Supervising requests for excuses for the study postponement. .

• Supervising the deprivation lists.

• Supervising the activities of the introductory week at the college.

• supervising the graduate lists.

• Receiving students for the sake of guidance and counseling as well as solving issues related to academic achievement and the like.

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