Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

As a response to the national development requirements and the integrative role of the higher education in labor market, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Albaha University was established by the royal decree no. 9682/MB dated 05-08-1426H to meet labor market needs in the public and private sectors. The Faculty includes distinguished theoretical scientific departments of Islamic Studies, Arabic Language, Foreign Languages and History. The Faculty is committed to its educational, research and community service responsibilities in accordance with the University vision and the Kingdom educational policies.

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Department of Arabic Language

Department of Arabic Language


The Department of Arabic Language was established at the beginning of the Setting the cornerstone of the college of Arts and Human science, at the beginning of the academic year 1430-1431 H. The Department started with awarding Bachelor’s degree in the major of Arabic Language and its Arts then, developed by initiating part-time track for students. The department aims to expand its academic plans to include post-graduate programs in the prospective future.

Vision of Arabic Language Department

Distinction and creativity in the various fields of the Arabic language, enhancing national, cultural, humanitarian affiliations and achieving comprehensive quality standards.

Mission of Arabic Language Department

Preparing an academically distinguished generation capable of preserving the Arab identity, serving society, and keeping pace with the developments of the era.

Objectives of Arabic Language Department

1- Developing the spirit of belonging to religion and homeland; through the programs the department provides that work to instill the values ​​and ethics of Saudi society.

2- Providing students with basic information and its sources, to understand the nature of Arabic language sciences and literature, and to know its history, present, and connection to other sciences.

3- Activating the values ​​of professional integration and community participation, by establishing partnerships with centers, departments, institutions and bodies inside and outside the university.

4- Developing knowledge gains and learning and teaching experiences, by organizing seminars, exhibitions, competitions and various evenings.

5- Developing the value of Arabic content and increasing it on the Internet, by encouraging students and members to publish their research and contributions on secure official websites and programs.

6-Establishing postgraduate programs in the field of Arabic language and literature.

7- Establishing a program to teach the Arabic language to non-native speakers.


Bachelor of Arabic Language.

Head of the Department

Head of the Department

Dr Abdulaziz Jumman

Email: aabuzaid@bu.edu.sa