Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

As a response to the national development requirements and the integrative role of the higher education in labor market, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Albaha University was established by the royal decree no. 9682/MB dated 05-08-1426H to meet labor market needs in the public and private sectors. The Faculty includes distinguished theoretical scientific departments of Islamic Studies, Arabic Language, Foreign Languages and History. The Faculty is committed to its educational, research and community service responsibilities in accordance with the University vision and the Kingdom educational policies.

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The Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Albaha University seeks to provide university students with the basic and developmental skills that are important in their physical, social and mental development through offering them with different programs and activities. The faculty aspires to contribute to achieving the vision of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 through these activities and programs.


The student club (Mettle to the top) aims to be a model of excellence, and to attract students and discover, develop, and strengthen their skills that are necessary for progressing toward achieving the ambitious goals of Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030.


  • To enhance students’ responsibilities toward their religion, country, and nation.
  • To develop students’ skills that are necessary to the success of Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030.
  • To enhance students’ intellectual security and protect them from deviant thoughts.
  • To prepare our students for entering the labor force.
  • To build effective community partnerships.
  • To encourage and improve the competitive spirit of students.
  • To encourage students to develop leadership skills and making decisions.
  • To encourage students to spend their free time doing various activities, taking part in community services, and acquiring different skills, experiences, and knowledge.

Contact Us

Student club manager:

Abdulrahman Ali Almurayyi

Email: aalmurayyi@bu.edu.sa

Student club manager’s assistant:

Samiah Abdulbaqi Muhammad

Email: s.ahmad@bu.edu.sa