Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

As a response to the national development requirements and the integrative role of the higher education in labor market, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Albaha University was established by the royal decree no. 9682/MB dated 05-08-1426H to meet labor market needs in the public and private sectors. The Faculty includes distinguished theoretical scientific departments of Islamic Studies, Arabic Language, Foreign Languages and History. The Faculty is committed to its educational, research and community service responsibilities in accordance with the University vision and the Kingdom educational policies.

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Bachelor of English Language

Bachelor of English Language


English language program offered by the Department of Foreign Languages is a distinguished program because it qualifies students to master language and communication skills needed in the labor market nowadays. It focuses on providing students with quality education in English language to serve their community the best way possible.


  • Training students to develop basic linguistic and communication skills through the use of the best teaching resources available in order to become capable of using English for a variety of purposes.

  • Introducing English literature in different eras including schools of literary thought.

  • Empowering students with the basics of English language and its branches.

  • Introducing the basics of translation from English to Arabic and vice versa.

  • Enhancing students’ creative and critical thinking as well as providing them with the backgrounds necessary for undertaking research.


  • To describe the strategies of language skills needed for communication.

  • To explain the Linguistic areas, branches of Applied Linguistics and Translation processes.

  • To identify figures of speech, literary genres, schools of literary criticism, and autobiographies of literary figures.

  • To communicate in English appropriately and effectively.

  • To solve problems in both Linguistics (Phonology, Morphology and Syntax) and Applied Linguistics (Language Learning and Translation).

  • To appreciate and analyze different literary texts.

  • To use English for inference, argumentation and undertaking simple research either individually or in groups.

  • To use technology for language learning, communication and research.


  • Teaching English language at government and private schools

  • Interpretation and translation. 

  • Reporting or radio broadcasting in the media.

  • Calling for Islam.

  • Diplomatic jobs overseas.

  • Working in tourism sector.

  • Many other  government and privet sector jobs.

  • Teaching at universities.