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Faculty of Science and Arts in Qilwah

The Faculty of Sciences & Arts - Qilwah was founded in April 2012, under decree no. A/1196 by the Ministry of Higher Education. When inaugurated, the Faculty comprised of five departments: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and English Language. Apart from these, there were also three branches: Islamic Studies, Arabic Language and Computers & Information Technology which belong to the Faculty of Sciences & Arts - Almikhwah. The Faculty has been established in order to implement a number of principles in the district. These include providing equal opportunities, achieving justice between cities, providing training and learning opportunities for the people of Albaha region, and meeting the growing needs of graduates of the high school in the region.

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Faculty of Science and Arts in Qilwa


Contact Information
Phone: +966-17-7301570
Fax: +966-17-


Dean of Faculty of Science and Arts in Qilwa
Dr. Abdel- Rahman Ali Alzandi
Phone: +966-17-7301570 /111
Network phone: 15987



Vice Dean of Academic affairs
Dr. Ahmad Ibrahim Alslamei
Phone: +966-17-7301490 / 202
Network phone: 16217



Vice Dean of Development and Quality
Dr. Daklallah Ahmed Almalki
Phone: +966-17-7301074  / 303
Network phone: 16205



Vice Dean of Female Affairs
Dr. Haram Ismail Hussein kuku
Phone: +966-17- 7301015



Head of the Department of Physics
Dr. Ashraf Moustafa Moustafa Shaffie
Phone: : +966-17-7301015 / 192
Network phone: 16209


Head of the Department of Biology
Dr. Hosam Abdel-Tawab Ahmad Eladawy
Phone: +966-17-7301015 / 184
Network phone: 16218
Email: heladawy@bu.edu.sa   


Head of the Department of Chemistry
Dr. Mohamed Reda Abdalla Hassan
Phone: : +966-17-7301015 / 194
Network phone: 16212


Head of the Department of Mathematics

Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim attia

Phone: +966-17-7301015 / 151

Network phone: 16207

Email : mattia@bu.edu.sa


Head of Department of English Language

Dr. Ahmad Ibrahim Alslamei

Phone: +966-17-7301015 /222

Network phone: 16217

Email: A.alslamei@bu.edu.sa