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The Faculty of Sciences & Arts - Qilwah was founded in April 2012, under decree no. A/1196 by the Ministry of Higher Education. When inaugurated, the Faculty comprised of five departments: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and English Language. Apart from these, there were also three branches: Islamic Studies, Arabic Language and Computers & Information Technology which belong to the Faculty of Sciences & Arts - Almikhwah. The Faculty has been established in order to implement a number of principles in the district. These include providing equal opportunities, achieving justice between cities, providing training and learning opportunities for the people of Albaha region, and meeting the growing needs of graduates of the high school in the region.

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Vice-Deanship for Quality and Development

Vice-Deanship for Quality and Development


The Vice-Deanship for Development and Quality aims at disseminating the culture of quality and development and insuring the requirement of the National Corporation for Academic Assessment and Accreditation Standards to insure performance quality at all the Faculty academic programs as an effort to contribute to achieving the vision, mission, goals and excellence aspired by the Faculty of Sciences and Arts (Qilwa). The Vice-Deanship also focuses on the importance of training programs and raising awareness as well developing the skills of all its academic staff and officials in order to achieve their effective contribution to developing performance through holding training programs and workshops, preparing strategic and development plans to reinforce the principle of sustainable development and improvement.


  • Reinforcing and disseminating the culture of quality at the Faculty
  • Developing and improving quality system at the Faculty.
  • Insuring that the faculty programs work effectively to achieve academic accreditation.
  • Checking the faculty development and operational plans and executing them.
  • Studying problems and difficulties facing development and quality programs in the faculty and proposing solutions.
  • Identifying training needs for the Faculty staff in the scientific departments and coordinating with related parties to carry them out.
  • Proposing plans needed to develop the faculty academic staff and officials skills.
  • Encouraging academic staff participation in the programs provided the Deanship of Quality and Skills Development.
  • Carrying out and following activities related to creativity and excellence awards of educational, research and administrative performance in the faculty.
  • Working in harmony with the Deanship of Quality and Skills Development in issues related to quality and academic accreditation.
  • Setting tools to identify expectations, needs and beneficiary satisfaction related to the services provided by the faculty and using it to develop work in the faculty.
  • Supervising the preparation of the faculty annual report and disseminating it to the parties involved after being endorsed by the dean.
  • Proposing setting councils related to the works of the Vice-Deanship for Development and Quality. - Continuous coordination with the faculty principals (deputy deans) and head departments to achieve the faculty goals.
  • Coordinating with the academic and administrative counterparts in the university in any aspect that helps achieve the roles and goals of the unit.
  • Preparing a comprehensive report about the progress of quality and academic accreditation in the faculty and be presented to the dean.
  • Carrying out what is being delegated by the faculty council or the dean.

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