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The College of Medicine at Al-Baha University is one of the colleges of Al-Baha University in the university city of Al-Aqiq province in Al-Baha region. The college was established in 1429 AH corresponding to 2008, and teaching medical students started at the beginning of the academic year 1430/1431 AH. in 1436 AH the female student's section was opened. The leadership of Al-Baha University was keen to establish a medical college with excellence not only locally and regionally but also globally, and from this standpoint, the college worked on the applying a modern system, which has not been applied in many medical colleges in the Kingdom, which is the (Integrated system), where the same subject is studied again at a later stage, which provides a great opportunity to fully absorb the subject. The University Hospital is currently under construction.

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Department of Pediatrics

Department of Pediatrics


The Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, Al-Baha University was established with the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine in 2008, corresponding to 1431H. The section started small but expanded according to the expansion of the university and college. Today the number of members of the department is eight members of the both Saudi and non-Saudi staff, in addition to a number of demonstrator. The department is sending a group of them to various specialized disciplines inside and outside the Kingdom and awaiting their return to enrich the academic, training and service work

Although the Faculty of Medicine at Al-Baha University adopts an integrated approach that reduces the importance of the departments, the pediatric department performs significant and important functions that have returned to the College with great benefits. The department oversees the preparation and teaching of all pediatrics subject in all courses as well as the child health course. The members of the department are active in research and dissemination, quality of education and community and extra-curricular services, where the department has formed special committees for all these activities. The department participates in various activities in

cooperation with the other departments of the college and other faculties of the university in addition to health affairs, hospitals and community organizations.

Dr. Ahmed Hassan Alghamdi

pediatric endocrinology and diabetes

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Dr. Ahmed Hassan Saeed

Head of



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Dr. Jameel Mohammed Abdrahem


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Dr. Omer Mohammed Mostafa


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Dr. Fahad Ali Al amro


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Dr. Elfateh Mirghani Mohammed


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Dr. Khalid Alawad Ahmed


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Dr. Mostafa Mohamed Embaby


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Dr.Rabab Mahdi Yahya


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Dr. Huda Ibrahem Elhag


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Head of Department
Dr. Ahmed Hassan Alghamdi
Email: ahsaeed@bu.edu.sa