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The College of Medicine at Al-Baha University is one of the colleges of Al-Baha University in the university city of Al-Aqiq province in Al-Baha region. The college was established in 1429 AH corresponding to 2008, and teaching medical students started at the beginning of the academic year 1430/1431 AH. in 1436 AH the female student's section was opened. The leadership of Al-Baha University was keen to establish a medical college with excellence not only locally and regionally but also globally, and from this standpoint, the college worked on the applying a modern system, which has not been applied in many medical colleges in the Kingdom, which is the (Integrated system), where the same subject is studied again at a later stage, which provides a great opportunity to fully absorb the subject. The University Hospital is currently under construction.

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Dean’s Message

Dean’s Message

Welcome, from the Faculty of Medicine at Albaha University! We are committed to educating students to the highest level. The faculty of the medical program fulfil this goal of excellence by working together. We work as a team to provide the highest quality of education and skills to students, who will graduate competent in their fields and confident in their training so that this new generation of doctors can overcome obstacles and challenges, increase patient safety, and generally improve medical care in Saudi Arabia. Our vision is that the medical school will become a leader of innovation in education, research, and community service.

The program is young and thriving. The Faculty of Medicine was established in 2008, and we are delighted to have just graduated our first class this year. Moving forward, we are increasing our program capacity and will also be welcoming female students. The diversity of faculty and students in our program is an asset.

As we continue to grow, one of our aims is to achieve national and international academic accreditation. This goal is reflected positively in the routine activities of our institution. We strive to hold the institution and each of our students to the highest standards so that we may all reach our greatest potential and improve healthcare in Saudi Arabia.

Finally, special acknowledgment and thanks must be extended to the King of Saudi Arabia for supporting and enhancing medical schools across the country. In particular, we appreciate his approval of the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine at Albaha University, which will aid and support the healthcare system in this region