institute of Studies and consulting services

معهد الدراسات والخدمات الاستشارية

معهد الدراسات والخدمات الاستشارية




    To excel in providing studies, services and scientific consultations to the public, private and non-profit sectors, as well as smart and sustainable investments with high returns, and encouraging and supporting entrepreneurs and startups to bring ideas and innovations into reality, in accordance with national and international standards.



The institute strives to provide advisory and investment studies and services contributing to enhancing and developing the university’s revenues in a sustainable manner, and to encourage and support innovations, entrepreneurs and startups in line with national and global targets.



1- Providing high-quality global and practical consulting services through the following:

      • Strengthening the university’s connection with the public and private sectors and providing the university’s research, advisory and scientific services to meet their needs and requirements.
      • Working as a think-tank for all sectors of society.
      • Creating a good work environment for the institute and working to enhance it to keep pace with modern developments, compete and excel.

2- Economic Impact through the following:

  • Creating links and enhancing cooperation with the public and private sectors to provide consulting services and studies in all research fields (e.g., medical, engineering, technical, humanities and social) in a way that meets these sectors’ needs and aspirations as well as develops the university’s financial and moral resources.
  • Working to achieve a positive impact on the economy by contributing to creating investment opportunities and promoting sustainable economic growth in Al-Baha region.

3- Achieving success in investments through the following:

  • Contributing to diversifying the university’s funding sources and developing its mechanisms.
  • Enhancing the efficiency of the university’s resources to enable it to achieve its goals.
  • Enhancing the university’s position in attracting diverse investments.
  • Cooperating with the private sector to operate investment activities according to the highest standards.
  • Developing return on investments, searching for new and profitable investment opportunities, and managing current investments in an effective and sustainable manner.

4- Supporting entrepreneurs and startups through the following:

  • Spreading the culture of entrepreneurship.
  • Promoting innovation and development.
  • Supporting the transformation of innovative ideas into products and services.
  • Providing initial support to entrepreneurs in the region and owners of medium and small enterprises.
  • Contributing to business continuity and development.

Striving for innovation and development in all aspects of work, whether in advisory services, investment or supporting entrepreneurs

Governing Values:

Governing Values:

At the institute, we seek to achieve the vision, mission and goals through committing to the following values:

  1. Excellence: Striving to achieve the highest levels of quality in everything we do.

  2. Innovation: Encouraging new and innovative ideas and constantly searching for better ways to achieve our goals.

  3. Responsibility: Adhering to the highest standards of integrity and ethics in everything we do.

  4. Cooperation: Working together as a team to achieve our common goals.

  5. Respect: Mutual respect among all members of the institute, and appreciation for diversity and difference.

  6. Social Impact: Striving to achieve a positive impact on society through the work we do.


These values ​​reflect the way we want to work at the institute, and provide a framework for behavior and decisions.

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  • معهد الدراسات والخدمات الإستشاريةمعهد الدراسات والخدمات الإستشارية