Institute of Studies and Consulting Services

Institute of Studies and Consulting Services

The Institute of Studies and Consulting Services at Al-Baha University was established on 23/5/1433 AH to activate the university's leading and strategic role and contribute effectively to serving the community of Al-Baha region in particular and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in general, due to the university's specialists in various academic, research and administrative fields, as well as the availability of spatial, equitable and laboratory capabilities that enable all government and private sectors to benefit from all these elements to support social, economic, environmental and scientific development based on applied scientific research. Conducting studies, research, programs, plans and strategies, organizing meetings, conferences, seminars, panel discussions and workshops specialized in all topics of interest to society, and building investment partnerships with governmental and private bodies and institutions and others.


Departments (Units)



Houses of expertise are one of the most important services provided by the university through the Institute of Studies and Consulting Services to invest qualified and specialized human resources, and the financial and knowledge capabilities and capabilities of the university, by providing the opportunity for its faculty members to provide distinguished advisory and research services to all segments of society and in all disciplines and scientific, academic and research fields, which contributes to the development of the university's own revenues and employees.


Areas of Expertise Houses:

The Institute supervises a number of houses of expertise that provide services through the Institute in several fields and are managed by highly qualified faculty members. Expertise houses currently provide their services in the following areas:

• Humanitarian fields.

• Health fields.

• Engineering fields.