Faculty of Science and Arts in Almakhwah

Faculty of Science and Arts in Almakhwah

The Faculty of Science and Arts in Almakhwah was established by Royal Decree No. 9682 / MB dated 5/8/1426 H. It was started in 1427 H to contribute effectively to the expansion of the higher education base in the in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the fields of basic and applied sciences and to meet the needs of the labor market in the government and private sectors.

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Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics


Mathematics department was established at 1431 H corresponding to 2010 D.  Since then, Department provides his services to each of male and female students of the university.


Providing an educational and research program specialized in mathematics to prepare graduates who are able to contribute to scientific research to serve and develop society by providing an academic environment stimulating the optimal investment of resources.


  • To produce qualified graduates capable of contributing to the extensive development in the various sectors of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • To encourage scientific research and publications.

To encourage participation in scientific

  • forums and workshops.

  • To encourage follow up of latest scientific research and techniques in the field.

  • Covering needs of the other departments at the University.


Bachelor's degree in mathematics

Academic Consulting

The Academic Guidance System seeks to advise and help students to successfully complete their course by achieving the following objectives:

- Provide the necessary support for the student during his studies to achieve completion of the study plan and the completion of all requirements within the time available.

- Providing academic and guidance information to students and increasing their awareness of the University's mission, objectives and systems.

- Follow-up students academically and help them to complete their studies efficiently and support the University's efforts to provide a sound learning environment to graduate qualified students to the labor market.

- Help students learn about scientific disciplines that suit their mental abilities and tendencies.

- To guide the students who fail to study and guide them and take care of them and follow them to raise their level of science and help them overcome the obstacles they face.

- Provide students with suggestions and advice to improve their academic achievement and help them overcome their academic and administrative problems.

- Raise awareness on the campus to provide the university with resources and services to improve the level of students

- Providing students with experience and scientific opinion on organizing their time and good investment to obtain the best methods of study and good collection

Academic Accreditation

Accreditation refers to a method or set of procedures through which a comprehensive assessment of the institution is made, showing the strengths and weaknesses of the institution, which gives a judgment on the eligibility and competence of the institution

Is a process of assessment, recognition and approval by an educational program carried out by a specialized scientific institution or body and acknowledges that the program achieves or meets the minimum standards of efficiency and quality set by the Commission or Organization

The main objective of the accreditation is to reassure the public that educational programs and their outputs are efficient and skilled to achieve their aspirations and aspirations to obtain highly qualified human resources to successfully practice the profession

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Head of the Department of  Mathematics
Dr. Mohammed Sayed Ahmed Mohammed
Phone: 00966177274111-16314
Email: mmohammed@bu.edu.sa