Faculty of Science and Arts in Almakhwah

Faculty of Science and Arts in Almakhwah

The Faculty of Science and Arts in Almakhwah was established by Royal Decree No. 9682 / MB dated 5/8/1426 H. It was started in 1427 H to contribute effectively to the expansion of the higher education base in the in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the fields of basic and applied sciences and to meet the needs of the labor market in the government and private sectors.

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Vice-Deanship for Quality and Development

Vice-Deanship for Quality and Development


To consecrate the concept of quality and spread its culture at the college level by providing lectures, meetings and induction workshops that contribute to achieving the University's vision of academic accreditation.


1 - Supervising the implementation of the quality program in college.

2 - Study the difficulties or problems facing development and quality programs and propose solutions to them.

3 - Supervising the evaluation of performance in college.

4 - Provide the necessary facilities for all teams based on the application of quality.

5 - Coordination between the committees responsible for development and quality.

6 - Planning for obtaining the program and academic accreditation of the college and preparing the program for national and international academic accreditation in coordination with the university's agency for development and quality.

7 - Supervising the establishment of course files, the program file in the academic departments in both parts of the students and build their information, and update them at the end of each semester in accordance with the requirements of academic accreditation.

8 - Encouraging faculty members to participate in attending courses, training programs and workshops.

9 - Supervising the preparation of the annual report of the complaint and submit it to the competent authority of the competent authorities after approval by the Dean.

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Vice Dean for Quality and Development
Dr. . Abd Ulaziz Ali Alomari
Phone: 009661772774111-16307
Email: aamalomari@bu.edu.sa