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The Faculty of Engineering is one of the first faculties that were established at Albaha University. The Faculty has five scientific departments: Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Architecture and Computer Engineering. Each department has a program that grant a bachelor's degree in engineering. The Faculty seeks to provide its students with a distinctive learning environment that contributes to the preparation of highly qualified engineers to contribute to the development of the Kingdom.


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Vice-Deanship for Academic Affairs

Vice-Deanship for Academic Affairs


The Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs is responsible for organizing and following up all academic services within the college, such as academic consulting, follow-up of the educational process and exams, and coordination with the University Vice-president for Academic Affairs, Deanship of Admission and Registration and Deanship of Student Affairs to solve obstacles and problems encountering the students. The Vice-Deanship aims to raise the level of academic consulting in the college and achieve the highest quality in the academic programs conducted by the college.


The Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs performs the following tasks:

  • Planning, implementing and supervising the implementation of the academic consulting process in the college and raising awareness and coordination with the Academic Advising Center, the Deanship of Admission and Registration and the Deanship of Student Affairs.
  • Working to improve the competitiveness of the College for academic consulting with other colleges.
  • Working on the publication of regulations, instructions and rules governing the study and examinations and all related to academic services within the scientific departments.
  • Introducing students to the objectives and mission of the college, educational programs, scientific departments, areas of work of graduates, and aspects of care and services provided to students; in addition to consulting students to choose appropriate disciplines that suit their abilities and potentials.
  • Supervising orientation programs for new students to introduce the system of study and exams in the college.
  • Paying close attention to distinguished students and provide what would enhance their abilities and support their creativity.
  • Chairing the meetings of the Academic Advising Unit periodically or as new reports to discuss periodic reports or extraordinary reports submitted by academic advisors.

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Vice Dean for Academic Affairs :

Dr. Abdullah Abdelkader Haredy

Email:  aaharedy@bu.edu.sa