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The Faculty of Engineering is one of the first faculties that were established at Albaha University. The Faculty has five scientific departments: Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Architecture and Computer Engineering. Each department has a program that grant a bachelor's degree in engineering. The Faculty seeks to provide its students with a distinctive learning environment that contributes to the preparation of highly qualified engineers to contribute to the development of the Kingdom.

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Department of Computer Engineering

Department of Computer Engineering


The Computer Engineering Department was established in 1426/1427 H with the establishment of the college of Engineering in AlBaha region.

The computer engineering is one of the most important branches of engineering. It is concerned with design, development and maintenance of computer systems of different size, types, and applications.


Preparing and developing the next generation of computer engineers in the kingdom for:

  • Leading research initiatives contributing to solving engineering problems.
  • Providing a sound scientific material that enables students to enhance their knowledge in computer engineering
  • Adopting to emerging technologies

Activating the role of the responsible citizen toward the profession and the society.


  • Enhancing the Quality of Learning and Development

Enhance a comprehensive and stimulating environment for students by restructuring the education programs based on leading practices and elevating their quality with an emphasis on e-learning and improving the development resources.

  •  Developing and Supporting Scientific Research

Influence the scientific community through developing scientific research, supporting innovation and excellence, and establishing research chairs to serve the community.

  •  Developing Innovative Graduate Programs

Create and maintain Innovative graduates’ programs that are desired in the market place, including those related to emerging technologies and prepare them for accreditation.

  •  Building Effective Partnerships with the Community

Promote effective communication between the department and the society and highlight the pivotal role of the “responsible citizen” toward an ambitious society and an ambitious nation.

  •  Establishing Governance and Control

Establish an institutional system that includes the development and periodic review of policies and procedures to enhance the reputation and image of the computer-engineering department.



The Department offers a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering

Academic Consulting

In the beginning of each semester, the academic advisor guides his students to choose the appropriate courses so that they can fulfill the requirements of the department academic plan smoothly and easily.

The academic advisor also helps his students to overcome the problems that arise during the registration process.

In general, the academic advisor helps his students to circumvent all the difficulties they face during their university study.

Academic Accreditation

The department strives to win the accreditation from the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Assessment   NCAAA

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