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The Faculty of Engineering is one of the first faculties that were established at Albaha University. The Faculty has five scientific departments: Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Architecture and Computer Engineering. Each department has a program that grant a bachelor's degree in engineering. The Faculty seeks to provide its students with a distinctive learning environment that contributes to the preparation of highly qualified engineers to contribute to the development of the Kingdom.

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Department of Civil Engineering

Department of Civil Engineering


The Department of Civil Engineering has been established since the establishment of the Faculty of Engineering in 1426/1427 H with the purpose of contributing to meet the Kingdom's need for civil engineers. Civil engineering is one of the most important branches of engineering and specializes in the study and design of construction projects, infrastructure, tunnels, bridges, buildings, irrigation systems, water and sewage systems, surveying and road works. The study plan of the department is designed to cover all aspects of civil engineering and provide the graduate with sufficient knowledge to be qualified to work in all those disciplines. The Department is witnessing a high turnout of students joining the Faculty of Engineering, because of its good reputation and teaching competencies and a great ability to prepare students for the labor market.


Providing students with a fundamental, broad, and flexible curriculum to produce engineers qualified for the multidiscipline civil engineering systems, to provide an attractive environment for research and lifelong learning and, furthermore, to recognize societal and global issues.


  1. Providing a competitive scientific program covers essential knowledge and skills required for the civil engineering profession.
  2. Conduct quality research within the program, and in collaboration with other partners in areas of importance to society.
  3.  Pursue life-long learning through training and independent specialized study.
  4. Preparing graduates with essential qualifications meeting local and societal and global market needs.


The Department offers a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering

Academic Consulting

The Academic Consulting System seeks to guide and assist students so that they can successfully complete their education through the following objectives:

  • To open a file for students that contains a biography of the student during his study at the university (student behavior during the study, student’s activities, student’s marks, etc.). Through this file the college can make assessment of the student and find appropriate solutions of the problems they face.
  • To help the students by planning an educational program consistent with their interests, abilities and needs of the labor market.
  • To encourage the outstanding students to enhance their success, direct them toward their abilities and invest their potentiality in areas of excellence in all aspects of their career.
  • To advise the students on the selection of courses appropriate for their level and abilities.
  • To guide the students to understand the university policies and procedures.
  • To remind the students regarding academic events (registration, addition, deletion, etc.).

Academic Accreditation

The program seeks accreditation from the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Assessment

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