Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

As a response to the national development requirements and the integrative role of the higher education in labor market, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Albaha University was established by the royal decree no. 9682/MB dated 05-08-1426H to meet labor market needs in the public and private sectors. The Faculty includes distinguished theoretical scientific departments of Islamic Studies, Arabic Language, Foreign Languages and History. The Faculty is committed to its educational, research and community service responsibilities in accordance with the University vision and the Kingdom educational policies.

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Vice-Deanship for Quality and Development

Vice-Deanship for Quality and Development


The College of Arts and Humanities is considered the first faculty that opened at Albaha University to offer literary programs represented in the academic departments aiming at high quality and competitive outcomes. Hence, to improve the educational process, the college launched the Vice-Deanship for quality and development to follow up, enhance and update the quality work to catch up with the aspirations of the university in accordance with the 2030 vision of Saudi Arabia.


  • Setting the overall quality plans at the college.

  • following up the progress of the strategic plan.

  • spreading the culture of quality.

  • holding workshops and training courses.

  • evaluating the performance of the academic and administrative units of the college.

  • providing academic programs with new standards of academic accreditation.

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Vice Dean for Quality and Development 

Dr. Mohammad Ahmad Alkhazmari