Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences

Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences

The Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences (FAMS) was established in Albaha University in 1426H in response to the needs of the community of the specialized cadres in Applied Medical Sciences. The Faculty relies on the latest academic standards based on the scientific method and the development of developmental and analytical approaches and Psychomotor skills, and not just acquiring and retrieving specific information through lectures, panel discussions, scientific teaching, practical training, and developmental research to cope with medical developments and the pace of economic development. The Faculty has five study programs offered by five academic departments: Laboratory Medicine Department, Dental Health Department, Nursing Department, Optometry Department and Community Health Sciences Department (public health). Although, Optometry program was stopped from accepting new students and has now been under activation.

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Vice-Deanship for Academic Affairs


The Vice-Deanship for Academic Affairs throughout its three main units seeks to supervise the educational process on all academic programs in order to achieve the faculty’s vision, mission, and aims. It has also an interest in providing proper and healthy educational environment that has an ability of achieving the quality of learning outcomes throughout managing students’ affairs, solving students’ problems, and supervising the practical clinical sessions in the faculty’s labs and clinics. This Vice-Deanship consists of three units as following:

  • Administration and Enrollment Unit

This unit works on preparing program studying schedules, final exams schedules, students’ enrollment, follow-up with students' study plans, and managing students educational process.

  • Students Affairs Unit

This unit focuses on solving students’ academic and non-academic issues, proposing and conducting students’ activities and events to achieve appropriate environment for creativity and superiority.

  • Labs and Clinics Unit

This unit supervises the educational process in the faculty’s labs and clinics throughout ensuring the application of modules practical cognitive skills according to quality and safety criteria in the faculty’s labs and clinics.


  • Supervising implementation of regulations and rules of curriculums and examinations of all academic levels.

  • Supervising preparation of timetables and resolving any foreseen problems.

  • Supervising process of student subject registration on the timetables.

  • Supervising preparation of end of semester examination timetables.

  • Supervising collection of statistical data regarding all students from all departments.

  • Supervising updating academic plans in the faculty in line with scientific progress and the needs of the job market.

  • Proposing and preparing updated admission policies for course entry at the faculty and transfers between departments/courses.

  • Supervising transfers to the faculty from within and outside the University.

  • Supervising requests of withdrawal from subjects and/or semesters from students.

  • Supervising implementation of guidelines for temporary exclusion of students. 

  • Supervising re-enrolment of students and coordinating with the student affairs committee and the deanship of admissions and registration.

  • Supervising over academic guidance for students and resolving problems related to/affecting academic achievement.

  • Supervising preparation of graduate lists at the faculty and following up on the issuance of graduation documents in coordination with the deanship of admissions and registration.

Supervising and proposing needs of academic members for the faculty.

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Vice Dean for Academic Affairs

Dr. Abdulmajeed A Sindi

Email: fams-acaf@bu.edu.sa


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