Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences

Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences

The Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences (FAMS) was established in Albaha University in 1426H in response to the needs of the community of the specialized cadres in Applied Medical Sciences. The Faculty relies on the latest academic standards based on the scientific method and the development of developmental and analytical approaches and Psychomotor skills, and not just acquiring and retrieving specific information through lectures, panel discussions, scientific teaching, practical training, and developmental research to cope with medical developments and the pace of economic development. The Faculty has five study programs offered by five academic departments: Laboratory Medicine Department, Dental Health Department, Nursing Department, Optometry Department and Community Health Sciences Department (public health). Although, Optometry program was stopped from accepting new students and has now been under activation.

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Department of Dental Health

Department of Dental Health


The Dental Health Department at the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences in Albaha University was established in 2006 to fulfil the community needs from the dental health specialists. The department aims to provide students with the opportunity to be a member of the dental team and aids the dental profession in promoting optimum oral health. The need for allied dental professions is rapidly growing world widely. Public demands for dental services have created excellent opportunities for those interested in a dental health career.


  • Graduating a highly motivated and well-qualified professional dental health specialist who will provide dental health care in an ever-changing environment.


  • Graduate highly professional and skillful dental health specialists qualified with updated knowledge and skills and preparing them for professional medical practice

  • Develop student's leadership, communication skills and effective teamwork.

Raising student's awareness among their population about reducing prevalence of dental diseases, and improving community quality of life and wellbeing.


The Department in the meantime provides a Bbachelor Degree in Dental Health - Male

Academic Consulting

  • All faculty members have to announced and hang on their schedules on their office doors. The schedules have included information about the members academic counselling and advising hours, teaching hours, administration hours, and clinical hours.

  • All students are allocated to academic advisors.

  • The department provides at least two hours official consultation time every week for all students.

  • Departmental Academic Counseling and Advising Committee is available to assist, facilitate, evaluate, and monitor students’ progress in the curriculum.

  • Students’ periodic reports for guidance are saved to follow the academic performance of students.

For more information about the process of academic guidance, counseling and support, please see the Academic Counseling and Students Support Handbook for all students in the Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences. 

Academic Accreditation

The department in the meantime seeks to be accredited by the NCAAA

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Head of Dental Health Department

Dr. Ali Mohammed Alisaac