Vice Presidency for Quality and Development

Vice Presidency for Quality and Development

Message - Vice

A Message from the Vice President for Development and Quality


Considering the contemporary challenges and the modern technological and information revolution that we are witnessing nowadays, we must meet the quality requirements and standards of outputs. Therefore, the educational institutions in our state have been keen to develop academic and professional units in the hope of raising the qualified outputs capable of dealing with the latest scientific and practical developments. We are working in the Vice-Presidency for Development and Quality to coordinate and support processes aimed at raising the level of academic and administrative performance. The Vice-Presidency seeks to be one of the essential pillars of Albaha University's vision and mission by ensuring continuous follow-up to ensure academic quality at the institutional and educational levels and to fulfill the needs of faculty, students, and society. The Agency also pays special attention to the development of the skills of faculty members through its excellent training programs, which contribute to enhancing and upgrading the faculty members to serve the educational process. The Agency also implements many community-oriented programs aimed at generating and transferring knowledge and linking the university's potential and resources to the local community to contribute to its development and development, as well as to the knowledge economy and the dissemination of a culture of pioneering thinking. The University's Vice-Presidency for Development and Quality under the unconditional support of His Excellency the Rector has taken promising steps towards the continuous improvement and development of the university's access to national institutional accreditation. It has also worked on building an ambitious strategic plan in which the university will complete a unique and well-established structure in the fields of education, research, and community service. Vice President for for Development and Quality Professor Doctor. Faris bin Saleh Al-Ghamdi

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae

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The University's Vice-Presidency for Development and Quality seeks to supervise and follow-up to ensure compliance with the highest standards of quality and excellence through the application of best practices in the academic and administrative processes. It is also the coordinator, supporter, and engine for evaluation and development efforts aimed at raising the academic and administrative performance through the development and improvement plans required by the accreditation criteria for the academic both internal and external.
The Vice-Presidency hopes to look into the future of the university by preparing and updating the strategic plan of the university in line with the vision of the Kingdom 2030, the national transformation programs 2020 and the higher education plan (AFAQ), development plans and global developments in the field of higher education.
The Vice-Presidency also pays attention to the development of the skills of its employees and academic or administrative staff through the implementation of quality training programs aimed at meeting their needs and contributing to the enhancement of their competence, capacity building and positive change in their behavior and attitudes.
The Vice-Presidency plays a crucial role in the third dimension of the university through the implementation of programs aimed at the community.  It contributes to the establishment of community partnerships aimed at generating and transfer knowledge and linking the university's potential and resources to the community to advance to its development and to find appropriate solutions to the various problems that may face. In addition to its belief in fulfilling the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 for volunteering, the agency encourages and supports all its staff members, faculty members and students to participate in the voluntary work that serves the region in the developmental fields.
To create a knowledge economy, the Vice-Presidency is spreading the culture of pioneering thought and leadership among university students and providing them with appropriate support by developing their ideas and innovations and transforming them into real projects.
Thanks to God and then with the support and guidance of His Excellency the Rector and the cooperation of university vice-presidencies, colleges, deanships and departments, the university will take serious steps towards developing its strategic plan and also to qualify for institutional and program accreditation.

Organizational Hierarchy

Organizational Hierarchy





Vision, Mission, and Objectives - Vice


Leadership and distinction in development, quality and community service


Apply best global practices in development and quality and build effective community partnerships


The main values producer that must be embedded in the awareness of the team, in the practices of the employee, and the work of the Agency are:

  • Quality
  • Teamwork
  • Continuous development
  • Initiative
  • Commitment


  • To spread and adopt the concept of development and improvement of all operations within the university.
  • Improving the level of institutional performance in the academic, research, administrative, and technical fields.
  • Developing and developing the capabilities and skills of academic and administrative staff.
  • Follow-up to achieve the objectives of the strategic plan of the university, which is consistent with the strategic directions of the Country.
  • Support the access of the university and its sectors to local and international funds
  • Extending bridges of cooperation with global expertise in all areas of academic, cultural, and training.
  • Supporting the development of educational programs, upgrading their quality, linking them, and adapting them to the needs of the labor market and events in the field of specialization.
  • Enhancing the role of the university in discharging its responsibilities towards society towards achieving sustainable development.
  • Building an integrated database to achieve the best levels of flow between the units of the university.
  • Promoting a culture of entrepreneurship and promoting innovation and entrepreneurship.

Curriculum Vitae

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Contact Us


Office Manager

Mr. Ahmed Abdullah Al-Zahrani

Contact Information
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Fax: +966-17-



Vice-President of  Development and Quality
Dr. Faris Alghamdi
Phone: +966-17-7257700       Ext.  15151


Office secretary
Mr. Muhammad Ali Al-Zahrani
Phone: +966-17-7257700       Ext. 15157

Mr. Basem Mohammed Jaber

Phone: +966-17-7257700 

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