University Medical Center

University Medical Center

The University Medical Center is one of the main facets of the health care delivery system in the Albaha region. It started in 1431 H when it was opened as a minor health unit with minimal resources. Medical services continued to expand in clinics and support services. The Center continued to develop and improve the medical services provided to its clients, both preventive and therapeutic, committed to the best quality methods, seeking to develop and improve the health care provided. It is worth mentioning that the Center's services in the men's and women's sections have taken significant steps during the last period according to strategic plans that included all the aspects required by the university's staff, both in terms of medical, technical, therapeutic, or construction equipment. Note that there are efforts and efforts to raise the quality of service, and all that has been done is in accordance with the directives and follow-up of the Rector and the Under-Secretary of the University and the interest of workers in the establishment. The most important categories that fall under the eligibility of treatment at the university health center and can benefit from the services provided are university students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate studies, faculty members and their families, and university staff and their families.

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