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Deanship of Admission and Registration

The Deanship of Admission and Registration is considered the first line of support for university students. The deanship provides academic support for students from admission and up to graduation. One of the deanship’s important roles is to keep students up to data with the regulations of study and examinations. Hence, the deanship has unified its efforts to provide many students’ services that are based on high standards and precision. The deanship aims to take the lead on transforming its services from classic paperwork to digital automated services by employing the latest digitisation technologies.

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Vice Deanship of Development and Quality

Vice Deanship of Development and Quality


The Deanship of Quality and Development was established by the end of the academic year 1439-1440 AH in line with the University's strategic plan to apply and practice the highest international quality standards and continue to develop mechanisms and policies for admission and registration. The Deanship is responsible for developing plans and strategies for the development of the Deanship and supervising their implementation. It is also responsible for spreading the culture of quality and documenting all efforts and results in this regard and work to achieve the vision and objectives of the Deanship.


The responsibilities of the Vice Dean of Development and Quality:

-    Practice the tasks authorized by the dean.
-    Prepare and implement development and strategic plans of the Deanship. 
-    Disseminate a culture of quality amongst the Deanship’s members and support all related activities.
-    Supervise the implementation of development projects, and evaluation and accreditation activities assigned to the Deanship by the Deanship of Academic Development.
-    Supervise the periodic review of quality standards to ensure continuous improvement of the Deanship.
-    Propose the development and training programs for the Deanship employees and follow up their approval and implementation.
-    Develop mechanisms to identify the level of satisfaction of the beneficiaries of the Deanship's services and propose the necessary means to achieve them.
-    Prepare periodic reports on the activities of the Vice Deanship and its achievements and suggestions for performance development and submit them to the Dean.
-    Participate in the preparation of the annual report of the Deanship.
-    Carry out any other tasks that fall within the scope of development and quality commissioned by the Dean of the Deanship.

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