Welcome to the webpage of the Department of Foreign Languages (English Division) in the College of Arts and Human Sciences at Albaha University. Our department offers four full- and part-time degree programs both at the graduate and undergraduate levels:  Bachelor of Arts (full time), Bachelor of Arts (part time), Master of Applied Linguistics (full time), and Master of Applied Linguistics (parallel program). 

The goal of the department is to provide the best academic outcomes possible for our students so that they can compete successfully in the job market. We aim to do this by preparing them to be academically talented and specialized professionals. Our strategy is to employ the most recent and appropriate technology for both academic and administrative purposes. 

As services to the community, the department is also involved in various partnerships with government and private organizations.

We hope that the department's webpage will contribute to your advancement and development. We are always here to serve you. 


Dr. Ali Alqarni, Chair

Dept. of Foreign Languages