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"Science and Education are the greatest tools to buildup humanity and societies." H.R.H Prince Dr. Hosam Saud Al Saud



A distinguished university in education and research that contributes to building a knowledgeable society


Providing distinguished education and scholarly research that contribute to building a knowledgeable society through an engaging academic environment and efficient use of the resources available.


The University has pursued an incessant developmental path, governed by the following values:

  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Transparency
  • Quality
  • Achievement Appreciation
  • Working in one team spirit

Strategic Objectives

Objective I: Improving the quality of teaching and learning
Objective II: Achieving distinction in the performance of faculty members and other employees
Objective III: Developing and supporting scholarly research
Objective IV: Developing programmes of graduate studies
Objective V: Developing infrastructure and high-tech environment
Objective VI: Creating effective partnerships with the community
Objective VII: Strengthening the University institutional system
Objective VIII: Developing self-resources

President's Welcome

President's Welcome

It is my pleasure to welcome you to of Albaha University’s website, the leading university in the knowledge partnership in Saudi Arabia. Albaha University's primary focus is on the quality of education, scientific research and entrepreneurship, in order to prepare its graduates by developing their skills and abilities to learn for life and equip them with knowledge to become future leaders of the country.
At the same time, the university aspires to spread and enhance knowledge in the Kingdom in order to expand the base of scientific and literary studies and then keep pace with the leading countries in the fields of arts and sciences, and to work in contributing to discoveries and inventions, and revive the Islamic civilization and restore its glories.
Today, the homeland needs all its universities, and our University is one of them, more than ever, as the role that universities should play in the present era is no longer confined to providing the community with graduates, but also to adopt knowledge as a fundamental axis of the education process, which includes essentials concepts such as the acquisition, production and transfer of knowledge, as well as the promotion of the culture of innovation and creativity, are the main pillars necessary to form a new generation capable of working, dealing and building the knowledge economy led by innovation and modernization leading to the renaissance of the nation.
Based on this vision, Albaha University has paid great attention to providing fertile ground for innovation and creativity, by focusing on quality of education systems, and then work to build the creative and innovative capacity of the University through the adoption and formulation of a comprehensive set of policies and practices that will motivate the innovation for students, researchers, and faculty.
I can say with certainty that, whether you are a student, a researcher or a faculty member, the opportunities that you will have at the university to learn, and innovate are fundamental, and that the diversity of the faculty members, researchers, alumni and students is really distinct and pioneering.
Finally, I am pleased to invite you to visit the University website, and we are delighted to join Albaha University to learn for yourself the educational capabilities of our University.

Prof. Abdullah Alhussain

University President


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Executive Summary

Keen that the wheel of development keep going round in all fields, the University has worked on developing its strategic plan, especially at the end of its 1st version in late 2018, prompting the current strategic plan to take over, with its roots running deep in: the University’s keenness on keeping itself abreast of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, its strategic plans and executive programs. This also involves what this Vision has included of drawing up objectives in relation to education during the forthcoming stage. Of the components of the Vision are also the effective participation in the state’s development plans and making an efficient use of the objectives and programs of the future plan of university education (Afaq 2020). The University is bent on partaking in developing the community of Albaha province, the prime target of the University. Pursuing this end, the University has adopted a scientific approach to develop its strategic plan which has, in the first place, drawn on the participation of all stakeholders.That is why the University strategic plan-designing team and the consulting team have undertaken to engage all stakeholders (whether internally and externally) to participate in grasping the challenges which the University is facing so as to develop the strategic objectives and initiatives.

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Our scholarship Students .. academic and cultural diversity

Our scholarship Students .. academic and cultural diversity

From China in the Far East to California in the West of the United States, and from Sweden in the North to the continent of Australia, at Albaha University, we consider our faculty members studying abroad as a real investment through a wide range of disciplines including medicine, engineering, law and computer science. We take care of our ambassadors abroad as this will have high influence on the future of our university and students. This cultural and academic diversity should leave a positive impact on the advancement of the university.

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