Statistics and Information Unit

Statistics and Information Unit

The Statistics and Information Unit was established in 1429H, after which the titles changed according to the changing tasks assigned to them in the past. At the beginning of the construction was under the name of the Unit of Statistics and Information, then in 1436 e changed the name to become the Information and Decision Support Unit, and was renamed in 1439 e in the Statistics and Information Unit The unit of statistics and information units of the university tasked with the task of providing statistics, information and annual reports on the various activities of the University, and to provide relevant bodies within and outside the University of the required statistics in accordance with the controls and regulations and regulations, and was during the period from 1429 to 1437 e supervisor of the establishment and management University Electronic Content.

وحدة الإحصاء والمعلومات

Departments and Units

Department (Unit) of Data Collection


The purpose of this section is to collect and organize the University's data from various sources through a variety of tools.


• Inventory and collect data from the various reports required by the Unit.

• Design paper and electronic forms to collect various data from the university.

• Provide all information and data that serve the various issues issued by the Statistics and Information Unit.

• Archiving and documenting all statistical reports and information received for the Unit and issued by it, whether from the internal units of the University or external bodies.

• Communicate with all the different departments of the university to obtain all his money in relation to writing all the issued by the unit.

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