Faculty of Science and Arts in Baljurashi

Faculty of Science and Arts in Baljurashi

The Faculty of Science and Arts in Baljurashi is a branch of the University of Al-Baha, which annually celebrates a number of graduates specialized in various disciplines that meet the needs of the job market. It is one of the scientific and research beacons of Al-Baha University, which is committed to the advancement of its employees scientifically and academically as it seeks to develop and serve the community, as well as to help in the management of the progress that is witnessed by our blessed country.

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Department of Home Economics (Nutrition)

Department of Home Economics (Fashion Design Program)

About: Introduction

The Department of Home Economics and the Fashion Design Program is one of the important departments in the College of Arts and Sciences in Baljurashi due to its compatibility with Vision 2030. The program is keen to provide high-quality educational experiences for its students by providing them with the knowledge and skills to enable them to keep pace with practical life and the labor market for the following reasons:

About: Message

The Department of Home Economics, fashion design program, seeks to prepare qualified national fashion designers through an educational and research environment with high technologies to provide distinguished clothing services to meet the national need for the advancement of society.

About: Objectives

  1. Preparing elites specialized in the field of fashion design who are qualified to work and equipped with the necessary skills for the field of specialization.
  2. Preparing a group of specialists in the field of fashion design in line with the vision and mission of the Saudi Fashion Authority
  3. Providing a suitable environment for Saudi girls to work in the field of developmental research and specialized studies in community service in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of fashion design.
  4. Develop scientific knowledge, the ability to think critically, analyze situations, and develop a sense of creativity in the field of design.
  5. Develop the ability to plan and work in groups and develop the spirit of leadership and responsibility among students.
  6. The Fashion Design program deepens the students’ national affiliation by studying the arts of civilizations and folklore in the Kingdom, the most important characteristics of these arts, and how to benefit from them in the field of specialization.
  7. Developing and encouraging the spirit of scientific research among female students to use it in community service and sustainable development.

About: Programs

    A distinguished department in fashion design at the national level that supports development in the Al-Baha region, as well as raising the clothing awareness of the community in the region through the study specializations and tracks offered by the Department of Home Economics (Fashion Design), which qualifies graduates to work in it.

Academic Consulting

It is an essential part of the department's improvement plans and is distributed to Teaching staff by level  With the allocation of office hours for the department as a whole

Academic Accreditation

Work is underway to apply for academic accreditation

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