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Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology strives to achieve the ultimate objectives and goals of the Kingdom's development plan. From this perspective, it deems the necessity of coping with the technology era by introducing modern and specialized academic programs that meet the growing needs for the Information Technology development in the kingdom. The philosophy of the faculty is derived from the fact that today's knowledge and knowledge-based economy require scientists and professionals from different disciplines to cooperate for the development and utilization of a wide range of skills and knowledge to provide solutions to social needs.

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Administartion Staff

Administartion Staff






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College Administration Director

Mansor Misfer Al Ateeq

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Secretary of the Vice Dean for Development and Quality

Abdulaziz Othman Alghamdi

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Dean's Office Director

Abdullah Ahmad Alzahrani

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Manager assistant

Adel Abdullah Alghamdi

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Lab preparer

Moaid Abdullah Alghamdi