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Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology strives to achieve the ultimate objectives and goals of the Kingdom's development plan. From this perspective, it deems the necessity of coping with the technology era by introducing modern and specialized academic programs that meet the growing needs for the Information Technology development in the kingdom. The philosophy of the faculty is derived from the fact that today's knowledge and knowledge-based economy require scientists and professionals from different disciplines to cooperate for the development and utilization of a wide range of skills and knowledge to provide solutions to social needs.

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Department of Computer Information Systems

Department of Computer Information Systems


The Computer Information Systems Department provides students with a unique program as a combination of business and management courses with information systems courses covering many aspects including business analysis, business computing, programming languages, computer and information security, problem solving, databases, software applications, networking, and operating system. This combination provides a stable balance between basic concepts of information systems and hands-on learning. The curriculum in the department is based on the experience and the academic guidance of our professional faculty members to ensure that students are prepared for the real world by integrating knowledge with practical application.


​​​​​​Optimal investment of resources to prepare graduates capable of competing in the labor market, ensuring a stimulating academic environment, effective scientific research and quality community services.


  • Create a distinct academic environment to increase the competitiveness of the students in the CIS department
  • Achieve excellence in the CIS faculty team
  • Strengthen a systemized scientific research progress within the department.
  • Develop community service programs for the department


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information System

Academic Consulting

Academic guidance is central in both guidance pivotal process: the educational institution and the student, this reinforces the role of the competent academic advisor who works with the academic guidance committee within the department and throughout the academic year. The process of the academic guidance is integrated with the awareness and understanding of all the parts of the mentoring process, with the aim of guiding students to the best way to achieve desired outcomes and to adapt to the university educational system. This goal is achieved by providing the students with the various academic skills that raise their academic achievement and discuss their scientific aspirations. It also includes raising students' awareness of the University's academic and administrative rules and regulations, through various guidance services such as individual academic guidance, counseling programs and various consultations. Academic guidance aims to simplify and facilitate academic procedures in order to provide unique services to our students in a record time according to the high-quality standards and academic accreditation implemented by our faculty of CSIT.

Academic Accreditation


Department members






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Head of dep.

Dr.Abdulkareem Aodah Alzahrani

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Dep. Supervisor, Female Sec.

Dr.Maha Marzoog Alamri

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Dr.Hassan Abdullah Ahmad

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Dep. and Quality Coordinator

Dr.Osama Sheta

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Dr.Mohammad Sir

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Dr.Alturabi Othman

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Dr.Hamza Ali Alshawabkah            

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Dr.Mohammad Qaisar Saleem

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Dr.Abdulhanan Abdulmanan

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Dr.Mamdoh Mergani Mohammad

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Dr.Ahlam Altuhami

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Ahmad Saeed Shalash

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Fawaz Mohammad Alzahrani

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Tawfeeg Saleh Zaker

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Ashwaq Mohammad Mensi

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  • Email: cis-dept@bu.edu.sa