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Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology strives to achieve the ultimate objectives and goals of the Kingdom's development plan. From this perspective, it deems the necessity of coping with the technology era by introducing modern and specialized academic programs that meet the growing needs for the Information Technology development in the kingdom. The philosophy of the faculty is derived from the fact that today's knowledge and knowledge-based economy require scientists and professionals from different disciplines to cooperate for the development and utilization of a wide range of skills and knowledge to provide solutions to social needs.

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Bachelor of Computer Information Systems

Bachelor of Computer Information Systems


Computer Information Systems is a specialization that deals with all aspects of systems, programs and computing of all kinds. Information systems support administrative processes at all levels, whether operational, tactical or strategic. The information systems strategy is an integral part of the organizational strategy. The overall objective of the Bachelor of Computer Information Systems is to meet the needs in the labor market, so that the program covers areas of importance for the information systems employees, which is to develop the systemized and skillful fundamentals to qualify Saudi students to develop latest technologies locally in order to serve future development plans and to support the direction of the knowledge economy and the future vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


  • Ability to apply information system skills and management skills to solve complex problems in the work place.
  • The student must be qualified to pursue graduate studies, to involve in research and development processes as well as to participate in professional activities.
  • The student must be eligible for active participation in the community.
  • The student is able to communicate effectively (verbal and written) using modern types of communication.
  • The student should be qualified for different leadership roles in different environments.


  • Apply and use information systems professionally.
  • Analyzing the problem related to inter-disciplinary computer information systems.
  • Identify and define problems and requirements of appropriate information systems to solve problems.
  • Design, implement and evaluate a computer-based system to meet the required needs.
  • Apply team spirit effectively to create project plans to achieve common goals.
  • Apply professional, ethical and social responsibilities in the business development environment.
  • Effective communication with business partners.

Potential Jobs

Graduates of the Computer Information Systems Program will have a variety of career opportunities in information systems/technology both in academic and industry, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Information Systems Analyst
  • Information systems developer
  • Project Manager of Information Systems
  • Information Systems Consultant
  • ERP Specialist
  • Database Manager
  • Database Programmer

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