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The Faculty of Clinical Pharmacy at Al Baha University in Al Baha City was established according to the Royal decision 5088 on 7 / 8 / 1432 H. It is located in Al Baha region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with its main campus in Al Aqiq province, about 30 km away from Al Baha town. The faculty was established for the improvement of the health services and the advancement of the pharmacy profession and to cope with the educational policy of the kingdom, which is distinguished by applying the most advances in the technology and sciences in various fields. The study began in faculty in the academic year 1432/1433 H to the male section while the female section started in the academic year 1438/1439 H.

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Vice Deanship for Development and Quality

Vice Deanship for Development and Quality


The Vice Deanship for Development and Quality contributes to planning and supervising the implementation, measurement, analysis and development of all developmental activities of the faculty, as well as supervising its operations, measuring and monitoring the results of its application and working to improve them in the academic and administrative fields of the faculty. It is also responsible about the Clinical Training Unit.


  • Devoting the concept of quality and spreading its culture at the faculty level.
  • Supervising the implementation of the academic evaluation and accreditation program.
  • Supervising the preparation and implementation of development and strategic plans.
  • Follow-up to evaluate the performance of faculty and staff members in the faculty.
  • Subjects referred to it by the Dean of the faculty.

Units under the vice dean for Development and Quality



Vice dean for Development and Quality

Prof. Mostafa Hussein (Please click here)

University main campus, Building #2, Office F030

Email: mhussein@bu.edu.sa

Extension: 14876