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Dean's Message

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah, and on his family and companions.

I am delighted to welcome you to the portal of the College of Applied Studies and Continuing Education at Al-Baha University.

Since its inception, the College has embarked on an ambitious growth plan based on excellence. The list of beneficiaries of its services has expanded from students, learners, and trainees from the public and private sectors year after year. The college has specializations at the graduate, bachelor and diploma levels in the applied fields that meet the needs of business organizations and the labour market. And to keep pace with the aspirations of sustainable development plans in the Saudi society. In addition to holding the college for many short and medium courses in the areas that serve the labour market and meet the needs of all segments of society.

As part of its efforts to improve the quality of its educational outputs in line with international standards in education and the requirements of the labour market, the College has begun to introduce new programs at the diploma level and launch advanced and distinguished training courses for the local community in particular and for the Kingdom in general.

The College is also continuing to make further progress at an ambitious pace stemming from the Kingdom's vision and realizing the mission of the University through:

Maximize the benefits of its university resources and expertise so that the College becomes an opportunity for success, innovation and leadership for life.

Preparing a development project for its academic plans and programs that meets the needs of the labor market, keeps abreast of academic developments, and fulfills the aspirations of its students in excellence and upgrading.

Ensuring that the College is an attractive, participatory and conservative academic community that assists a diverse range of students and faculty in order to serve the community and meet its aspirations.

Institutional work within the College, community leaders to engage in the surrounding environment and encourage initiatives and priorities, and identify vital resources necessary to achieve sustainability and excellence.

The College of Applied Studies and Continuing Education, which is confidently stepping forward to aspire to leadership, and excellence possesses its ingredients, and a promising future hopes to lead it strongly and ambitious, where its staff of academics and administrators will work to achieve its vision in line with the vision of the Kingdom and the achievement of its

objectives because of its important and integral role In training future businessmen and leaders, the college will exert its efforts and energy to achieve its vision and accomplish its goals, with the efforts of its employees after the success of God.


Dean of the Faculty of Applied Studies and Continuing Education


Dr.. Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Zahrani