English Language Center

English Language Center

Al-Baha University is committed to providing a unique and valuable educational environment; hence the English Language Center (ELC) was established to meet the academic and linguistic needs for first-year students who are expected to communicate, read, and write in English, as a medium of instruction. Students are required to demonstrate a high level of English language ability, and the ELC assists them to achieve their academic goals. The ELC was assigned to supervise the English Language Program (ELP) of the Preparatory Year. In the academic year 2016-2017.The ELC commenced its duties by supervising the ELP of the faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, Clinical Pharmacy and Applied Medical Sciences. The ELP of the Faculty of Engineering was added a year later. In the academic year 2018-2019, the Center’s responsibilities expanded to cover all the English Language Programs at the university.

Dean's Message

Vision , Mission , Values ( New)


To ensure high-quality teaching and learning of the English Language.


The ELC contributes to providing effective teaching and a supportive learning environment for first-year students and developing their linguistic and communicative skills to achieve their academic goals.


Sustainability: ensuring academic and educational excellence in ELT as stated in the ELC Vision.
Accuracy: striving to accomplish missions in an accurate and perfect manner.
Cooperation: supporting each other in accomplishing academic and administrative tasks.
Commitment: striving to achieve our goals and to support the university and the colleges in achieving their related goals.
Development: establishing and attending training courses and related workshops (academic, administrative, etc. ...)


Improving the quality of teaching and learning:

 This goal aims to raise the level of teaching and learning English language skills for first-year students.

Achieving excellence in the performance of faculty members: 

This goal aims to recruit the best faculty members in English language teaching.

Supporting scientific research:

This aims to support the researchers and facilitate their scientific tasks in the field of teaching and learning English for first-year students.

Assuring community service:

This goal aims to support the community service and its members and to interact with its relevant institutions.