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كلمة مشرف المركز

Director Message

Al Baha University is keen to invest all its resources in order to reach excellence; where the human resources are the most important achievements of universities aspiring to excellence, they are the driving forces of all construction and development processes. Al-Baha University aspires to have many of its graduates in leadership positions in the country, and many of them overlap in the fabric of society and its governmental or private institutions; It was therefore important to establish a mechanism for effective and effective communication with this supportive force (graduates) to support the university and benefit the community.

Therefore, the Alumni Center will work on the preparation of initiatives and plans, and the implementation of joint programs and projects with the training and employment agencies, contribute to building a permanent interactive relationship between the university and its graduates and graduates with each other, to ensure the development of skills and stimulate the capabilities of university graduates in all disciplines without exception, and taking into account Considerations Changing labor market requirements.