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Alumni Assistance Center



  • • Teamwork

  • • Effective communication

  • • Dedication


1. Develop the skills of graduates and raise their efficiency to achieve effective compatibility between their level and the requirements of development and the needs of the labor market through the programs and services available.

2. Holding programs, seminars and workshops to support the employment of graduates and qualify them for the labor market.

3. Provide assistance to graduates to identify career opportunities available.

4. Coordinate with the graduates unit in the different faculties of the university to achieve the objectives of the graduate support center and provide all the necessary requirements for the progress of work.

5. Introduce graduates to the changing needs of the labor market in the public and private sectors.

6. Inviting graduates to participate in university events, celebrations and various programs.

7. Provide facilities, benefits and services for graduates to enhance their loyalty and belonging to the University.

8. Establishing a comprehensive database of graduates, which is continuously updated in cooperation with the Alumni Unit in the different faculties of the university