Our Vision, Our Dream

Our Vision, Our Dream

"We will continue investing in education and training so that our young men and women are equipped for the jobs of the future. We will close the gap between the outputs of higher education and the requirements of the job market. We will also help our students make careful career decisions, while at the same time training them and facilitating their transition between different educational pathways. In the year 2030, we aim to have at least five Saudi universities among the top 200 universities in international rankings. We shall help our students achieve results above international averages in global education indicators." Vision 2030 Book.

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More than 66 Programs

From Medical Sciences to Business Administration, Albaha University offers a wide range of academic programs waiting for you.

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Promising Research Programs

With Five distinctive scientific research programs, we aim to provide equal opportunities for all of our people.

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Community Service

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We take the community service as a core principle to achieve the vision of the University and its mission.

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BU Students, Our Pride

At BU, our students are the pivot round which the university educational mission revolves. The university has given due attention to securing a suitable environment for the students. It always seeks students' distinction through offering academic programs that fulfill their hopes and meet the needs of the Saudi Community. It has started many new programs and it works towards introducing new needed specializations. The university endeavors to add qualitative and carefully selected majors, and diverse programs to fulfill the students' desires and hopes.

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Below is a list of E-Services provided to all BU stakeholders (students, faculty members, and employees).