To be a pioneering department in the teaching of and researching in English language and literature, both locally and regionall

It tries to give integrated training on English language and literature as well as on theoretical and applied linguistics. The department also tries to develop students' language skills as well as their research abilities in order to meet the needs of community. The department is concerned with research and it encourages mutual understanding and cultural communication.

1- To develop students' linguistic and communicative skills through the use of modern methods in teaching listening, speaking, reading and writing.

2- To help students gain comprehensive knowledge of English          language and literature.

3- To promote students' creative and critical thinking.

4- To participate in scholarly research in English language and literature.

5- To scrutinize the ways in which modern technical applications may enrich the study of English language and linguistics.

6- To have communication with public and private sectors through surveys, consultations, ?etc.

7- To promote community by the participation of staff members in teaching, lecturing, translation and conferences.

8- To encourage critical awareness of the thoufht and cultures of the English speaking nations, and make channels of communication with these nations.