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Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology strives to achieve the ultimate objectives and goals of the Kingdom's development plan. From this perspective, it deems the necessity of coping with the technology era by introducing modern and specialized academic programs that meet the growing needs for the Information Technology development in the kingdom. The philosophy of the faculty is derived from the fact that today's knowledge and knowledge-based economy require scientists and professionals from different disciplines to cooperate for the development and utilization of a wide range of skills and knowledge to provide solutions to social needs.

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Vice-Deanship for Female Student Affairs

Vice-Deanship for Female Student Affairs


The primary aim of the Vice-Deanship for Female Student Affairs, which is incorporated in the team spirit of its academic and administrative staff, is to afford a supportive interactive environment for students cultivating success and creativity in curricular and non-curricular undertakings and helping them overcome any probable academic, psychological, or social difficulty they might face.

The Vice-Deanship for Female Student Affairs consists of several units to serve students throughout their academic excursion. This service begins with the unit of registration which helps students in registering courses. This unit is supported by the unit of academic supervision for further assistance.  The students’ activities unit targets the development of the skills or talents of the students, inspiring them towards creativity and innovation, and affording essential career training and support in the search for suitable job opportunities.


The Vice-Deanship for Female Student Affairs has the following units:

•            Academic Extension

•            Academic follow-up

•            Tables and Registration

•            Testing

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