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The Faculty of Clinical Pharmacy at Al Baha University in Al Baha City was established according to the Royal decision 5088 on 7 / 8 / 1432 H. It is located in Al Baha region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with its main campus in Al Aqiq province, about 30 km away from Al Baha town. The faculty was established for the improvement of the health services and the advancement of the pharmacy profession and to cope with the educational policy of the kingdom, which is distinguished by applying the most advances in the technology and sciences in various fields. The study began in faculty in the academic year 1432/1433 H to the male section while the female section started in the academic year 1438/1439 H.

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Deans Message

Deans Message

In the name of of Allah the Merciful

Dear valued visitor, dear students of the faculty of Clinical Pharmacy,

On my behalf and on behalf of the faculty members, administrators and technicians, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you among the pages of the website of the faculty of Clinical Pharmacy at Al Baha University, and we would like to inform you that we at the faculty of Clinical Pharmacy always strive to provide everything we can to help you and harness opportunities for success and progress for you.

The faculty of Clinical Pharmacy is considered one of the first faculties of Al-Baha University, as it was established by Royal Decree No. (5088/MB) dated 07/08/1432 AH. The faculty offers one program, the doctor of pharmacy (Pharm.D) bachelor degree, which aims to graduate national competencies qualified to work in the health field to serve the community and to form a key link in the chain of medical competencies necessary to complete the health care system and medical services and raise health awareness among members of the community.

In the faculty of Clinical Pharmacy, we promise you that we will work on continuous evaluation and development of the academic programs offered by the faculty in line with the latest developments in pharmacy sciences and in line with the requirements of the labor market, and that we are always keen on qualifying and training national cadres according to the highest approved standards, and we will not hesitate to serve the community through Consolidating the concept of volunteer work, community participation, and providing advisory and awareness services to individuals and health care institutions. We will always strive to support researchers and create research partnerships that contribute to advancing scientific research production to contribute to the promotion of health care and the development of pharmaceutical sciences.


Dean of the Faculty of Clinical Pharmacy

Dr. Saleh Alghamdi (Please click here)

University Main Campus, Building #2, Office F035

Email: saleh.alghamdi@bu.edu.sa

Extension: 15927